Pick up the tab for your guests

If you would like your guests to enjoy a free bar we will provide you with tokens which they can present at the bar for a drink of their choice. We can release the tokens to you in quantities you are comfortable with so you can keep track of your spend.

Pre-pay drinks per head then switch to a cash bar

If you would like to provide your guests with a limited number of complimentary drinks we will issues you with your required number of tokens. Once the tokens have been used we will switch to cash or card payments which will allow your guests to continue enjoying our bar.

Cash Bar

If you are organizing a licensed event and would like us to attend we can provide a cash bar service. Please note this option is only available for large public events and not for private events.

In Addition

Fuel is charged at £0.49 per mile (round trip) and staff travel is charged at £10ph (2 staff, round trip) from our postcode G11 6HY

Extra Serving Time

This is charged at £30 per hour to cover our staff costs.

Other charges

There aren’t any! Hire of The Little Margarita Truck, staff, licences and insurance are all included in the package price.

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